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Hairdressers in Gainsborough

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All of the advice below aims to help you to make the tricky decision of choosing which hairdressers to trust with your hair. There are several hairdressers in Gainsborough which makes the decision even harder.

Ask other people about their experiences.

One of the best ways to see which hairdressers do a good job is to ask about real results and experiences. Ask your friends and family who have used hairdressers in Gainsborough what they thought and whether they have any pictures to show you. These are likely to be the most honest opinions you will receive. Pictures and actually seeing people’s results in person will give a good indication if those hairdressers are what you’re looking for.

Browse on social media.

Looking at hairdressers’ social media pages or those of people in Gainsborough that you know often shows the best work. If you search for Gainsborough hairdressers on a search engine it will likely bring up results that include their social media pages. These often provide a reviews section that shows comments from clients.

View portfolios.

Social media pages and websites should have a portfolio section or something named to that effect. These are a really good way to see what the hairdresser specialises in and which styles that they do best. If you’re looking for something specific then this is a really good way of comparing the different hairdressers. For example, if you’re wanting a specific put-up style for an event then you can look for who does those best to your taste.

See what products they use.

A useful way of seeing which hairdressers would suit you the best is to look at what products they use. All of the different salons in Gainsborough will research their products. Some will use products which appeal to a certain type of client, for example vegan and animal friendly products.

Compare prices.

Hairdressers can be more expensive depending on the products that they use and the experience and training of their stylists. Decide what you think is a reasonable price for the service that you want and then compare the hairdressers within your price range. Remember that hairdressers in other locations will charge more or less than others. This is relative to the cost of living in cities and towns. Be sure to compare hairdressers in Gainsborough with other local hairdressers and not with ones in London.

Do they offer a full, FREE consultation?

When going to a new hairdresser they should offer you a consultation for free to discuss what you want them to do, what products they use and how much they will charge. They should also give you any additional information, for example whether they will be able to complete your request in one appointment. Sometimes things such as going from a very dark colour to a lighter one can take more than one appointment. The hairdresser should give you all the information that is essential to your decision. Don’t feel obligated to make an appointment there and then.

Are the stylists knowledgeable?

When you meet the stylists, see how knowledgeable they are about their services and products. A hairdresser that knows everything about what they offer is likely to be more passionate. They will gain this knowledge from training which in turn makes them more skilled. Hopefully this will give you more confidence in them too. Many of the Gainsborough hairdressers could have attended the same courses but it is whether they have taken on board what they have learnt that makes them a good stylist.

So, when looking for a hairdresser…

Remember that you should find out from other people who they would recommend, if you have something particular in mind then ask around to see which hairdressers specialise in that area. Use social media as research tool, most local hairdressers have at least one social media page. Facebook and Instagram are most common with hairdressers and are a useful way of viewing hairdressers’ work. Some hairdressers also have their own website with portfolios and reviews sections – be sure to use these when deciding on a hairdresser. Products can be a big indication as to the kind of hairdressers you are looking at. If you have specific requirements then it’s always best to look into the products. It isn’t very often that somebody has a limitless amount of money to spend on hair treatments, so look at pricelists once you know how much you want to spend but remember that different areas will cause prices to differ. If a hairdresser doesn’t offer a full consultation then that shows a lack of professionalism and good practice. You need to get to know your stylist and they need to know exactly what you want and expect. When you have your consultation be sure to notice how knowledgeable they are. The more knowledge they have the better their work is likely to be.

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